One of the business growth strategies we teach our small business clients is to utilize the right tools and other resources to enable and augment their team’s efforts.  Our partners provide those recommended tools and services.  We recommend these partners because we know them, we trust them, and in many cases, we actually use their products and services.


Office365 Business Premium is a phenomenal, collaborative tool for launching internal systemization, task management, and managing sales and marketing activities. It is highly accessible (cloud-based with smart device functionality), very affordable, and amazingly robust. We highly recommend this tool as an excellent start for power managing your back office, customer relationships, and sales and marketing efforts.

As an Office365 partner, we sell O365 products and offer implementation support.


Alliance Partner

Zoho is our preferred and most often recommended business process enabling tools. And, it is the tool we use to help build, optimize, systematize, and manage our business.

Zoho provides a large suite of integrated products for customer relationship management, sales management, marketing automation, project management, information sharing, financial management, business process automation, and team collaboration.

As a Zoho partner, we sell Zoho products and offer implementation support.

Synchronicity Accounting Solutions is passionate about growth, innovation, and systematic results. The company specializes in QuickBooks™ support and, in particular, working with clients remotely.

As a long time student of the principles and philosophies shared within the Trinity Business Growth Program, Synchronicity understands how — and why — strong, proactive financial management is essential to strategic, profitable business growth.

When our clients are ready to incorporate the growth principles we teach, into their financial structure, we highly recommend they consider working with Synchronicity.

Lone Orange: Clients You Desire. Profits You Deserve.

Confidently show up in the marketplace, boldly attracting your most enjoyable, most profitable clients.

The Lone Orange system is designed to provide:

  • Clarity about what your most enjoyable, most profitable clients value.
  • Guidance about which types of marketing materials will communicate your value most effectively.
  • Congruent visual representation of your value that lets potential clients know, at a glance, that you’re the right fit for them.
  • An expert team that will maintain the consistency of your messaging as you expand your offerings and increase your value to your clients.

Tiffany Hoeckelman, Principal and Lead Designer of Lone Orange has studied and embraced the “Build It to Grow” method of growth-oriented leadership and strategic, intentional growth. When you are ready to attract your ideal client, Lone Orange can help you get clear about your corporate brand, key messaging and how to attract the clients you desire and the profits you deserve.