Most business leaders spend a decade — or two — of painstaking trial-and-error figuring out how to run a healthy, profitable company. We wanted to shorten that — by a lot!

It takes most business leaders ten or twenty years to build a highly profitable company that doesn’t require their constant oversight. Meanwhile, 80% of all new companies fail — not because the business owners are incompetent or the market place didn’t want what they had to sell — but because it just took too long for the entrepreneur to figure out how to systematize — and leverage — all of the business functions that drive and sustain a healthy company. They simply ran out of resources — whether that be time, energy, and/or money — and they ended up having to throw in the towel before they could figure it all out.

As veteran entrepreneurs — who together have experienced almost every level of business struggle and success over the past 30 years — we slowly developed an expertise in the fundamentals of business success, in both operations and marketing. ¬†We realized if we pooled together our individual success formulas into one master program we could save growth-oriented business owners years — even decades — of trial and error and help expedite their success in building companies that run themselves AND generated predictable, profitable cash flow.