VIP Business Growth Kit 
The following business growth resources are included in our VIP Growth Kit.
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These resources provide strong, fundamental insights on building a company
that grows consistently, predictably, and profitably.

The Growth Engine Snapshot Card:

Learn which of the 8 Business Growth Functions drive growth, and how to leverage approach and leverage each function to create exponential and profitable growth.

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Growth Engine Snapshot Card

The 8 Growth Functions Card:

Review the eight functions within every business, and determine which your company excels in, and which may need more focus and development.

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8 Growth Functions Card

The Business Growth Team Development Roster:

A business is only as good as its team. In fact, the one-man band syndrome is a growth-choker. Use this growth roster to identify the key players you need to be not only a part of your daily operational efforts, but asos your long-term focus on growth.

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Business Growth Team Development Roster

Business Growth Articles:

Read several business growth articles we have published in local publications, and tap a little deeper into our philosophies and strategies on managing and driving profitable business growth.

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Business Growth Articles authored by Danette Kohrs

Growth Education Events:

Keep abreast of upcoming growth presentations we offer within the business community.

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Growth Education Event Flyer
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The use of these insights, tools, and strategies will help you develop a foundation for consistent, predictable, and profitable growth -- and give you a strong competitive advantage within the marketplace.

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