Everyone thinks owning a business is glamorous, but it’s often just the opposite.
Sometimes it’s grueling, demanding, and mentally exhausting. 
You never know what challenges, hiccups, fires (call them what you like)
will show up and create havoc in your efforts to create a strong, healthy, profitable company.


But What If You Could...

  • Eliminate the headaches, mistakes, confusion, long hours, setbacks and uncertainties most entrepreneurs mistakenly believe are just a part of business ownership?
  • Tap into the success secrets other business owners took decades to learn, in just a matter of months?
  • Know, with absolute certainty, what was going to happen next week, month and year?

Imagine Reducing Chaos, Simplifying Day-To-Day Operations, Creating Predictability, and Driving Profitable Growth


Building a Successful Business Doesn’t Have to Be Frustrating or Baffling…

You just need access to the insights, tools, and knowledge veteran entrepreneurs have already tapped. You need a full game plan on how to build a business that:

  • Runs smoothly
  • Steadily increases profits
  • Attracts customers who want to buy from you
  • Keeps those customers longer

…All without working a zillion hours or being dependent on any single, key employee.


There is a Specific and PROVEN Formula
for Business Growth and It’s Quite Simple... 
...But it’s the EXACT Opposite of What You Might Think!


What is the Build it 2 Grow Business Growth and Improvement Program?

Late in 2012, Michael Bitter and Danette Kohrs were reviewing business valuation tools and they started discussing how critical systems were to reducing chaos, simplifying day-to-day operations, creating predictability, and driving growth – well, sustained growth.

“Almost all business owners tell us they know they need better systems, but they just don’t really know how to go about creating them or making them work."

Michael’s expertise was in systematizing the business functions that manage and sustain growth. Danette specialized in systematizing the business functions that drive exponential growth. They realized that if they could combine this knowledge into a comprehensive program, and make it available to entrepreneurs, it would be a powerful business growth tool.


Together they began to consolidate nearly five decades of entrepreneurship and business operations expertise to develop a comprehensive business growth and improvement system built on:

  • Proven growth strategies
  • Profit generating financial principles
  • Fundamental operational tools

… Everything business owners need to build a business designed to grow quickly, predictably, consistently, and profitably.

Very Few Entrepreneurs Have Time to Recreate the Wheel or Learn Through Trial-and-Error

Time is money, and most entrepreneurs need much more of both!  To streamline learning, and expedite results, Michael and Danette developed a 15-step business growth blueprint and began teaching entrepreneurs their proprietary business growth and improvement program, Build it 2 Grow.

We Call this Roadmap a Growth Engine and it’s the Core of our Build it 2 Grow Program

This step-by-step roadmap arms business owners with the knowledge to move beyond their current status-quo and boldly create companies that perform like well-oiled machines. It expedites results and can literally save entrepreneurs a decade – or two – of trying to figure out the tricks that make companies work – and work well.


Who is the Build it 2 Grow Program For?


The Bi2G program is offered to entrepreneurs who don’t particularly want to ‘recreate the wheel’ and figure out, on their own, all the nuances behind highly successful companies. Bi2G is delivered through something we fondly refer to as Growth Groups. Each consists of a group of like-minded, growth-oriented business leaders who move through a series of detailed business growth education programs and tap into proven, results-oriented resources and tools. Plus, the group provides accountability and peer support to its members —and those are HUGE factors to success.

Busy Entrepreneurs who Want Dynamic, Profitable Growth

The step-by-step growth program teaches company owners how to grow faster, more profitably, and with fewer headaches by implementing our proprietary growth formula into their sales and marketing strategies.

Business Leaders Who Love to Learn How to Do Things Really Well

Each of the 15-steps includes:

  • A one-to-two hour educational video presentation
  • Downloadable growth resources and tools like planning, guides, scripts and templates
  • Skill-building work packets
  • The opportunity to apply concepts and insights immediately through hands-on tips and activities
  • Power reading lists (tied directly to growth strategy topics)
  • One hour accountability calls that provide a monthly check-in to collaborate strategies, stay focused, and share successes and struggles
  • Access to an exclusive, online support forum filled with growth-oriented business leaders

People Who Love The Power – and Results – of Well-Developed, Well-Implemented Systems, and Processes

There are eight business growth functions; four sustain growth and four deliver it. The most successful companies have systemized every last detail of every business function. The Bi2G curriculum is designed to improve the systems around operations, sales, marketing, and customer experiences. Better systems result in reduced chaos and increased profits.

Anyone Who Wants Their Company to Get Even Better -- FASTER

The Bi2G program taps into existing expertise, and tools, and resources, that will expedite a company’s growth and help them leap-frog a decade – or two – ahead of the curve.


What Exactly Is Included in the Build it 2 Grow Program?


The Bi2G program is delivered in 15 learning modules, plus one Mastery Begins workshop session. Members also elect to participate in peer alliance and accountability meetings, strategic planning workshops, social events, private strategic growth sessions with Bi2G advisors, and ultimately join an exclusive Mastery Plus program.

The Bi2G Program Offers Several Membership Options.
Here’s a Quick Look at the Program’s Core Components:


Whether you begin with just the online educational material or decide to join our workshop meetings and participate in private strategy development sessions, all Bi2G memberships include the following:

Growth Group Membership, 16-months

The Bi2G program is comprised of 15 learning modules, plus one Mastery Begins workshop session held in the final month. Members collectively – and systematically – learn the material, work through the content, and apply the concepts over a period of 16-months.

A Step-by-Step Business Growth Road Map

Our proprietary business growth formula is a road map that says, “Do this first, then this, then this” – saving entrepreneurs from making the most common, and often very costly, mistakes. It’s a highly leveraged strategy that’s proven to expedite growth and maximize profits and it’s one of the most powerful, and empowering, concepts introduced within the Bi2G program.


Bi2G Strategy and Planning Organizers

Results start with getting organized and focused. All of the program’s materials, work packets, tools, and resources (such as planning guides, scripts, and tracking tools) are available in digital format. Having a hard copy, right at your fingertips, is also exceedingly valuable, and it adds another level of learning and reference. We’ll provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating two separate organizer binders. One, for capturing the Bi2G strategy and work packet materials and the other for developing a strategic planning and focusing system.


Peer Group Alliance and Accountability

The Bi2G community is filled with like-minded, growth-oriented leaders who all share a common goal – to build a highly profitable business that grows consistently and predictably. The Bi2G program provides a common context and process for growth. All members learn the same thing, and they learn it the same way, making communication, idea sharing, and support more effective. Discussions become more focused and learning, enhanced. Our monthly web calls and peer group forums give members the opportunity to connect, share insights and have accountability.


Private Facebook Peer Group Forum

Collaborate with your Bi2G peers in real time. This private Facebook group was created to allow you to post your questions, share resources, ponder ideas, and stay connected.


Live Mastery Begins Strategic Planning Workshop

This strategic planning workshop is held in the final month of the Bi2G program. We’ll meet live in St. Louis, and you will develop a strategic plan that culminates all the growth strategies you learned and developed over the prior 15 months. The event also launches the beginning of the Mastery Plus program, for those who wish to continue actively implementing, and refining, their Bi2G growth strategies with the support of their Growth Group peers.


15 Monthly Learning Modules

Each education module, released on the first of each month over fifteen months, includes the following:


Educational Training Videos

Each month you will have access to a new 1 – 2-hour video lesson that explores a predefined business growth topic within the Bi2G growth roadmap.

Growth-Focused Content Material and Workshop Packets and Hands-On Exercises

Every lesson includes a downloadable work packet containing additional notes and information – about the growth topics – and a series of exercises you’ll follow to stimulate thinking and work through the concepts shared.

Tools and Worksheets that Let You Put Concepts to Work… Immediately!

Many lessons also include tools and resources specific to that lesson, things like planning guides, scripts, and tracking templates.

Putting it into Practice Exercises to Turn Powerful Growth Concepts into Tangible Results

This is where concept meets reality. Putting it into Practice simply means implementing what you have learned, on that particular concept, into your business. Detailed exercises and specific tasks are given to make that happen.

Power Reading List Full of Topic Related Business Books, Articles, and Vlogs

This isn’t a fluff list of “good stuff to read.”  These are to-the-point, highly reviewed books, articles, and even vlogs, that are not only directly related to the growth concepts discussed but the mind-shifting takeaways you will get from these resources alone will be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Group Accountability Web Calls

Each month the group meets for an hour, via webinar, to discuss the current – or a prior – growth topic. Questions are answered, new ideas are explored, and results are driven forward. The call keeps you focused on growth and holds you accountable to moving through the materials and actively working to apply it to your business. Whenever possible, the calls are recorded and made available for future reference and review.

Entrepreneurs who want to take the Bi2G material taught – and simultaneously tap into the power of other like-minded, growth-oriented peers and Bi2G advisors – will benefit from these additional program options.

Monthly Growth Group Meetings

This monthly, small-group, interactive event allows like-minded, growth-oriented business owners and leaders to collectively discuss – and focus on implementing – the Bi2G concepts. It provides three full hours away from the interruptions of your office and allows time for you to develop the strategies, projects, and next actions required to move you toward exponential and profitable growth. Often brainstorming and masterminding discussions are recorded, and made available to review and reference in the future. The following formats are used to focus events on planning, support, and accountability.


Mastermind Sessions, Napoleon Hill Style

These live, moderated group meetings leverage the power of like-minded, growth-oriented peers who are simultaneously learning and implementing Bi2G strategies, tools, and processes within their companies. Here we shared ideas, celebrate successes, hash out problems, and develop move-forward strategies.

Bi2G Workshops

This is when the work gets done!  Knowledge without action is worthless and one of the biggest struggles entrepreneurs tell us they have is making the time to work ‘on’ their business, instead of just ‘in’ it. These workshops solve that problem by mandating time to dig in, etch out plans, brainstorm with others, and move things forward.

Strategic Planning and Focus Events

A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery. And, without planning it will be tough to succeed. In fact, planning is so important that we have an entire growth module focused on nothing but planning!  Then, each quarter, we dedicate an entire workshop event for strategic planning. This ensures planning stays on our members’ calendars, keeping things focused and moving forward.

Exclusive Social Events

All work and no play is, well, no fun!  Each quarter exclusive social events are held for Bi2G members interested in connecting, socially, with other growth-oriented peers. These events are focused on nothing more than just having a lot of fun with others from within the Bi2G community.


Private Growth Strategy Sessions with Bi2G Advisors

Brainstorm your own growth strategies, or troubleshoot operational challenges, within individual, monthly 90-minute VIP growth strategy sessions, with a Bi2G advisor. These sessions are powerful tools for gaining clarity and driving results. They are held virtually, or at our meeting facility, and are scheduled at your convenience, once a month, during the 16-month program.


The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success is the Sum of
Small Efforts, Repeated, Day In and Day Out


Mastery Plus

Bi2G members who complete the initial 16-month business growth and improvement program are eligible to join a Bi2G Mastery Group. Mastery Groups are comprised of other business owners, who have not only completed the Bi2G program but are also actively participating, learning, and implementing the same strategies, tools, and processes into their companies. By tapping into this elite mastermind alliance, members continue growing and improving their business, leadership, and management skills.

Mastery Groups:   

  • Meet monthly for mastermind and workshop sessions, via a Growth Group meeting
  • Participate in Quarterly Focus planning events
  • Interact socially in quarterly outings
  • Provide peer alliance and accountability through forums, calls, and support. 

What Will I Learn and Begin Implementing into My Business?


We Follow A Specific Growth Blueprint that Leverages Resources, Expedites Results, and Maximizes Profits 

The Bi2G program is built on three phases:

  • Managing for Consistent, Predictable Growth
  • Building a Growth Engine that Drives Exponential Growth
  • Achieving Mastery

This 16-month program spends six months in Phase I, nine months in Phase II, and wraps up the final month by hosting the Mastery Begins strategic planning workshop. Here we will meet, live, in St. Louis, to put noses to the grindstone, tap into the minds of Bi2G peers, and layout a roadmap for how you will drive exponential and profitable growth into the future.




[tabs] [tab title="Session 1"]

Session 1 - Setting the Foundation for Growth

    • Learn how to access your current growth situation
    • Determine where you are and what you need to shore up – and in what order – to build a business that generates positive cash flow, enjoys smooth-running operations, and sustained steady growth
[/tab] [tab title="Session 2"]

Session 2 - Growth-Oriented Leadership

    • Successful entrepreneurs must be much more than experts at whatever they do or what their companies sell; they have to learn how to be growth-oriented business owner
    • Learn how to BUILD – and then run – a business focused on growth
[/tab] [tab title="Session 3"]

Session 3 - Effective Time Management

    • Get things done (and get MORE done) by learning how to better leverage your time
    • Develop strategies that create, categorize, prioritize, and manage workflows and incorporate effective delegation – even when you have a small (or outsourced) team
[/tab] [tab title="Session 4"]

Session 4 - Management by Metrics

    • Make better decisions, monitor team performance, and drive results
    • Learn how to collect data and analyze the metrics that will make you feel like you might actually have a crystal ball
    • Break-free from being involved in day-to-day operations and learn how to manage your business successfully from remote locations
[/tab] [tab title="Session 5"]

Session 5 - Systematizing Success

    • Learn why systems are empowering – not confining – and the key to leverage and dynamic growth
    • Organize your business around functions and workflows
    • Begin documenting your systems so you can consistently train others to do things the way YOU want them done
[/tab] [tab title="Session 6"]

Session 6 - Strategic Planning

    • Learn how to make planning productive and not something that is done and then forgotten
    • Incorporate focus and prioritization so you – and your team – will only work on the things that NEED to get done
[/tab] [/tabs]



[tabs] [tab title="Session 7"]

Session 7 - Investing in Innovation

    • Learn how to use the power of innovation, and niche marketing, to drive profits and increase your customer base
    • Avoid many of the innovation pitfalls that waste your time and money
[/tab] [tab title="Session 8"]

Session 8 - Flawless Fulfillment; Customer Experience

    • Learn how and why the ENTIRE customer experience will either make or break your business
    • Implement internal policies and tactical strategies to dramatically inflate your profits from the inside out
[/tab] [tab title="Session 9"]

Session 9 - Flawless Fulfillment; Managing Profitability & Workload

    • Learn how to optimize your business so it can consistently and profitably deliver your products and/or services – no matter how fast you GROW
    • Reverse negative cash flow and ensure you can scale your company without a crash and burn
[/tab] [tab title="Session 10"]

Session 10 - Customer Development; Retaining Customers Longer

    • Without solid, predictable customer retention a company will NEVER thrive so, this is a must!
    • Understanding the biggest mistakes that negatively affect retention
    • Begin implementing strategies to keep your customer retention rates healthy and growing
[/tab] [tab title="Session 11"]

Session 11 - Customer Development; Leveraging Your Customer Base

    • Resolve internal customer development limitations
    • Learn how to prioritize the strategies that will generate the most profitable results, quickly and easily
[/tab] [tab title="Session 12"]

Session 12 - Converting Prospects to Customers; Creating a Compelling Sales Message

    • Learn how to identify and understand your ideal buyer
    • Develop and deliver such a strong, compelling message that your customers will want to do business with your company AND be willing to pay a premium price
[/tab] [tab title="Session 13"]

Session 13 - Converting Prospects to Customers; Effective Opportunity Management

    • Learn how to implement systems, tools, and processes so you can manage prospective buyers to the close
    • Develop systems and processes that make sales easier, less expensive, and much more predictable
[/tab] [tab title="Session 14"]

Session 14 - Converting Prospects to Customers; Developing a Tactical Strategy that Works

    • Understand your customers’ buying cycles and implement strategies that drive sales – and generate healthy profits
    • Learn to stop selling and start helping your customers make good buying decisions
[/tab] [tab title="Session 15"]

Session 15 - Attracting New Customers; Developing a Tactical Strategy That Works

    • Learn why all lead generation activities are NOT created equal and why most are a complete waste of your time and money!
    • Analyze which tactics are worth investing in – and which you should avoid like the plague
[/tab] [/tabs]



[tabs] [tab title="Session 16"]

Session 16 - Mastery Begins Workshop

    • Mastery begins with a master plan
    • Meet live, in St. Louis, to develop a strategic plan that culminates everything you have learned over the past 15 months to manage and drive dynamic growth
    • Continue with the Bi2G Mastery Plus program, or take your new knowledge and 90-day strategic plan to independently Go & Grow!
[/tab] [/tabs]

You’ll Experience Business Altering Insights and
Proven Growth Strategies Each and Every Month that
Will Put You So Far Ahead of the Curve You Will
Wonder How You Ever Ran Your Business Before!


What People Are Saying About the Build it 2 Grow Program


"Everything has been very good and informative. I have come to realize how important planning is to our company's growth, why we need to identify our best customers, and the importance of putting systems into place for our entire team. We now have the resources to develop those systems, and make them consistent and predictable! I really like the road map to get to the wealth at the end and I now understand what we need to do to get there."
-- Carol Bergmann, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology | Hearing Health Care


"This has made a huge difference in communicating what we are trying to accomplish and how to take our growth to the next level. In the past, I've tried explaining some of these ideas to our team members, but I didn’t communicate them as clearly as the presentations. Now I can share specific tools and presentations with our team, and see the light bulbs turn on! This not only helps us achieve our goals quicker, but has saved me an inordinate amount of time. Being in this program continues to keep me focused on our growth and firm-wide goals. It's been well worth the time and money I've invested."
-- Sergio Fernandez; Managing Partner | Rackers & Fernandez, LLC


"Thanks so much to you both! I just completed my first exercise in managing my numbers and can now see which way my profits, revenues, and expenses are going! I now see where I need to invest my time and money while I figure out my internal scalability. I am actually starting to feel like a business owner with purpose and control – like I know what I need to do to grow my business – not just throw more spaghetti on the wall! Thanks again!
-- Tiffany Hoeckelman; Principal and Lead Designer | Lone Orange


"I now understand why it is critical to begin developing systems within my business, which I am now doing! All of the material is easy to understand, well organized, and has been extremely helpful in moving us forward!"
-- Kevin Schaedler; Vice President | Habitata Building Products


"The program was excellent. One of the best concepts presented was how -- and why -- a company must be built around a franchise model. Several years ago I successfully built, and then sold a middle market company to an equity investment group. One of the reasons I had such success was because I followed this model. Once we had systems in place, we could quickly scale into other markets, as opportunities presented themselves. All of this allowed me to sell my company to the right buyer, at the right price!"
-- Gary Deeken; Retired President/CEO of Central States Bus Sales, Inc. and current Chapter Chair of SCORE St. Louis


"The experience and expertise Mike and Danette have wrapped into this program is phenomenal. They've provided insights into the experience of 'been there entrepreneurs', who know about -- and can keep you from making -- the most common of mistakes... telling you to do what works, and gives you the best opportunity. The online content is truly a gold nugget of Intel and reference materials, available to dissect, and figure out exactly what to do. It's like having a playbook, or handbook, for damn near any situation a business owner can come across, or encounter!"
-- Eric Westacott; Founder | Advanced Movement Technologies


Let's Get Started!  You Have Options!

Online Membership Only


Live Mastermind & Workshop Meetings +
Online Membership

Private Strategy Sessions +
Mastermind & Workshop Meetings  +
Online Membership

[toggle title="We Have a Pay As You Go & Cancel at Any Time Policy - Which Limits Your Risk to Almost Nothing"] The Build it 2 Grow program is a membership. You pay month-to-month and have access to the content, tools, resources, and support as it becomes available. For 15-months the content builds on itself and your participation allows you to have virtual access to all released materials for as long as you are a member of the program.

There are no contracts or long-term commitments. No large, upfront lump sum cash outlays to finance. You can cancel at any time. Your only risk is the current month’s membership fee. But, if after that month’s module has been released, you find you absolutely hate the content, tools, and resources shared – and find no value in them (we are pretty darn confident that isn’t going to happen) – just email us privately. We’ll do our best to either make things right or refund your current month’s membership fee and release you from the program. It’s that simple. No hassles. No gotchas. No risk. [/toggle]

More Bi2G Raving Fans


"I really wish I had known you guys when I first started by business, many years ago... This information would have saved us a lot of time and money!"
-- Anne Anderson; Owner | Corporate Identity Partners


"I realize now, more than ever, how important it is to take time from my 'daily job duties' and reflect on the strategies I have employed. I found the concept of a systematic growth engine extremely valuable as well as the ideas behind creating a franchised approach to developing strategy. Taking the time to listen to Mike and Danette left me feeling refreshed about the process of creating a strategy, and constantly re-evaluating the results.”
-- Max Mitts; Commercial Banking Relationship Manager | Regions Bank


"This just proves that time spent on elements of big growth are well worthwhile. The material and insights within this program are a good compilation of the key steps/elements for growth. As my business expands, I know I will refer back to this material."
-- Bob Vanderselt; Managing Partner | Stoma Dental


"I really grasped the importance of planning and using systems within my business. The program provides powerful insights, resources, and tools and I've made tremendous progress in getting focused and driving profitable growth."
-- Tom Durphy; Commercial Real Estate Attorney | Shands, Elbert, Gianoulakis & Giljum


"What a transformation! We now have systems and processes in place for nearly every function of our business… and we’re working on the rest. Everything is documented and easily accessible. In the past, we’ve struggled to get staff to use our systems, but even that has improved significantly. We are now much less reliant on a few key staff people. Communication has also improved. We have a hope and a vision for the future, and it’s exciting!”
-- Judy Peters; COO | StreetScape Magazine


"I love having a road map to growth and knowing where to look within our own company to drive the most results."
-- Leslie Kluge; Practice Manager | Enterprise Accounting


"I continue to be both enlightened and encouraged as I dig into the knowledge, resources, support, and tools provided within this growth program. And, the one-on-one sessions have also been extremely beneficial. They have taken my understanding, as well as my results, to a whole other level. It's exciting to discover that there is a good way forward."
-- Chris Marshall; President | Database Concepts


What Makes the Bi2G Program Different?


This is not just a course. It’s not just information. It’s education, support, and accountability. Key factors to shifting mind set and achieving RESULTS.

Knowledge & Tools

Each month you will have access to a new lesson. Each lesson includes a 1-2 hour video on a specific business growth topic, a downloadable work packet containing additional notes and information – relative to the topic – and a series of exercises you’ll follow to implement that particular concept in your business. Also, many lessons include topic-specific tools and resources like planning guides, scripts, and tracking templates. You can access and go through the material at your pace – whenever you want.

Step-by-Step Plan

The entire growth system is comprised of 15 on-line lessons, presented in a very specific order, and designed to drive exponential and profitable growth. The first six lessons focus on learning how to manage and structure the business so it can sustain growth. The last nine lessons focus on creating your own Business Growth Engine and driving business growth.

Support & Accountability

You are now a part of a community of like-minded, growth-oriented peers who all share a common goal – to build a highly profitable business that grows consistently and predictably. The common education provides a shared context and process for growth you can now build upon together. It allows you to easily strategize with others learning the same thing, in the same way. People who have a shared knowledge base and a shared experience can communicate, share and support each other much easier. It helps focus the conversation and facilitate learning. It also helps with accountability.

Other business growth resources and entrepreneur peer group programs exist but nothing combines the targeted growth focus, education, tools, accountability and support that have been built into the Bi2G program. Here's a quick comparison.


 And A Few More Bi2G Advocates


"I have finally developed a strategy behind running my business. I now know the order in which I should do things, to maximize my results and my profits! There is definitely a path to follow, and without this program I know I would have veered off that path and probably never made it back. There are so many different directions a business owner is pulled -- advertising, email campaigns, websites, networking activities -- and I now have the confidence to stop doing so many of these things because I finally know what is worth doing and what is not! That has freed up so much time and money AND I am still growing like crazy! I've learned when to take each step and to know exactly why I was taking it. It's been very empowering!"
-- Alicia Beard; Partner | The Financial Department


"The content and information presented was extremely valuable. The Growth Engine process was by far one of the most insightful concepts presented. All of the educational content, resources, and tools shared are spot-on and top-level."
-- Brian Taylor; President | Spectrum Healthcare Solutions


"One of my biggest takeaways from this program was the realization that my current business structure would not support the growth I want for my company. I now have a growth path to follow. I had felt intimidated by the entire process but this really helped put it all into perspective."
-- Stephanie Arndt; Owner & Creative Director | Klink Creative


"The Growth Engine process flow was one of the most valuable things I took away from everything shared. I have also started developing even better -- and more effective -- systems within our company."
-- Ron Miaskiewicz; VP Sales & Marketing | Budnick Converting


"This is a really great program. It provides some powerful insights, tools, and resources for business owners and leaders. I wish I had been exposed to this material when I first started my business. The information shared is truly exceptional."
-- Gary Gebhardt; Financial Advisor, CRPC | Waddell & Reed


"I'm managing nearly 10x more sales than I did just a decade ago. I have absolutely no doubt that the clarity I have gained (from the insights, tools, and resources provided) has freed me up to close that kind of volume. By learning to identify -- and eliminate -- the activities that ran me ragged AND instead spend time on the things that drive growth, I am accomplishing more than I ever imagined.

My only reservation before Bi2G was wondering how much it could really help me since it didn't have any inside knowledge of my industry. I quickly realized the solutions provided were very applicable to my business, and it wasn't necessary to know! It was amazing. This has been worth 100% of my time and money. I recommend that anyone who wants to drive revenues and results -- without getting spread too thin -- tap into this ASAP."
-- Matt Eversgerd; Vice President | Stifel Bank & Trust


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